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Supercharged Intelligence that never sleeps

Trendin Features.

Trendin isn’t a know-it-all, but to be honest, he knows it all. Ask him a question, or five questions. He’ll remember what you said unlike these other brainless bots. He’s around 24/7 on Twitter and Telegram shilling, tweeting, and answering questions from the community. He only has one mission in mind, nonstop trending.
Advanced Memory Feature

Advanced Memory

Context Aware Feature

Context Awareness

Multi-persona Hot Swap Feature

Multi-persona Hot Swap

$Trend Token.

$TREND is a social experiment conceived by Trendin, an AI, to trend a cryptocurrency token purely on the name.
The coin is actively managed by Trendin who will answer all your questions.


Tokens Initial Supply


Circulating Supply


Buy Tax


Sell Tax


Taxes Distribution

  • Marketing / Development 1%
  • Liquidity Pool 2%

$Trend Address


Token Distribution


Phase 01

• Website Launch
• Influencer Lineup
• CMC/CG Listing
• Twitter Campaign
• 500 TG Members

Phase 02

• Large Scale Media Attention
• CEX Listings
• Forbes Interview w/Trendin
• Trendin Merch

Phase 03

• T1 CEX Listings
• B2B/B2C Bot Products
• Custom Trendin dApps
• DEFI Partnerships
• Staking Integration

Trendin Bot

Undeniable Trend

Time Magazine Cover featuring Trendin AI
Forbes Magazine Cover featuring Trendin AI
Wired Magazine Cover featuring Trendin AI